Quincy City Council approves budget to address shortfall

Quincy City Council approves budget to address shortfall

Public servants have spoken. Taxpayers have spoken, and as of Monday night, the City Council has spoken.

Council members voted 7 to 6 with one person absent to approve a budget for the new fiscal year.

Mayor Kyle Moore voted yes to officially pass the measure.

Ward 2 alderman Dave Bauer was absent for Monday night's vote.

The new budget includes cuts to address a million dollar shortfall.

Before the budget vote, council members voted 8 to 5 to adopt a public safety fee.

Taxpayers will now pay $4 more dollars per month on their utilities for at least a year.

That money will keep fire station 6 open and maintain staffing for the city's police and fire departments.

Quincy Fire Captain Mark Bigelow was one of eight speakers who addressed the council before the budget vote.

The budget means a 4 percent reduction or a $72,000 dollar cut for the Quincy Public Library.

The vote came despite residents' pleas to the council.
I implore you not to cut the budget," QPL supporter and Quincy taxpayer Dr. Meenal Mamdani told the council Monday night.

One speaker told the council that an average of 300 to 500 people use the Quincy Public Library on a daily basis.

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