Quincy City Council votes yes on grant and additional funds for bridge study

The Memorial Bridge first opened in 1930.

The Quincy City Council voted yes on a $120,000 grant and to match the funds with $30,000 of the city's own money for a transpiration study Monday night.

Director of Planning and Development Chuck Bevelheimer said the study will analyze traffic flow around York Street.

The Memorial Bridge was completed in 1930--nearly 90 years ago. That's why IDOT is telling city officials the bridge needs to go.

"It has significant issues that IDOT is trying to maintain," said Chuck Bevelheimer.

That's why the city of Quincy is looking into replacing the Memorial Bridge.

Bevelheimer said the cost-effective solution is to build a new bridge that connects with York Street.

"The number of factors driving that decision including the span of the bridge is shorter there from Missouri to Illinois. The cost is significantly less because of the shorter span. It is about $50 million less. The estimated number was $100 million to build a bridge," Bevelheimer stated.
"We're probably looking at something like a tied-arch bridge. It's similar to what was just built and recently opened in Meredosia," said Jeff Myers, IDOT Region 6 Program Development Engineer.

That bridge project in Morgan County cost around $86 million -- but officials are hoping to keep costs down in Quincy.

"I have a feeling cost will drive this decision more so than design," Bevelheimer said.

Bevelheimer said the process could take about a decade.

The main goal is to set the foundation with a transportation study.

If a new bridge is connected to York Street, there will be some traffic changes.

Including changing 3rd and 4th Streets into two-way traffic.

"60 percent of the traffic wants to go to Broadway and that's one of the reasons why we asked for the transportation study so we can look at the issues of heavy traffic on 3rd and 4th street--primarily on 4th street--and how that impacts the downtown," Bevelheimer stated.
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