Quincy Central Services addresses wintry street concerns

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Snow and frigid temperatures created slick conditions in parts of the Tri-States this past weekend.

That's why area road crews spent part of the weekend treating area roadways.

But some Quincy viewers expressed concern and asked why they didn't see plow trucks on city streets after Sunday morning's snowfall.

KHQA spoke with John Schaffer with Central Services.

He says safety is his department is their number one priority, followed by resource efficiency.

Quincy road crews spent part of their weekend plowing and treating city streets. Some residents were pleased with the city's work.

"I thought they did an amazing job because I live on a side street, and it was very clean,” said Quincy resident Barbara Knowles.
"I haven't noticed a problem with the city streets at all, with the snow clearing or anything,” said Chuck Zanger from Quincy.

But other residents were not pleased with the condition of Quincy's streets.

"Most of them were kind of slushy and not very great. It's good right now but yesterday when it was snowing my grandfather and grandmother had trouble getting up the road,” said Quincy resident Kourtney Higgins.

Some viewers asked why Quincy road crews weren't out Sunday morning.

Schaffer says crews spent Saturday and Sunday morning treating and pretreating city streets.

He cites many factors when treating and plowing city streets.

"We hit the main streets first. We want to make sure they are in good shape. We do hit the side streets later," said Schaffer.

And Schaffer says there is a strategy.

"The decision when do you go, when do you not go? We try to do it to where we are only going to have to make one pass through. We may wait a little bit longer but there again, we don't want to ever put money before safety. If we get calls saying it's slick we're going to get out and do it,” says Schaffer.

Even though driver safety is Central Services' top priority, Schaffer says it's also important to be efficient to avoid costing taxpayers more money.

"It's all overtime on the weekends. So, if we call our guys in to salt, they are getting paid overtime,” said Schaffer.

Drivers can help make road crews' jobs a lot easier by driving slower than usual, taking more time to get from point A to point B.

If you see or experience a dangerous city street, you can help. Shaffer recommends reporting it to Central Services as soon as possible or by calling the non-emergency police department number.

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