Quincy athlete to appear on CBS' in 'World's Toughest Mudder' competition


On November 11, 2017, 1,655 Tough Mudders gathered for the 7th annual World’s Toughest Mudder outside of Las Vegas, NV.

One of those 1,655 athletes was Quincy resident Jennifer Nobis-Dancer.

Nobis-Dancer is the owner of Qtown Crossfit with husband Sam.

Designed to give the world's most hardcore OCR athletes the opportunity to display their competitive spirit in a non-stop 24 hour battle of grit and willpower, World's Toughest Mudder is the most iconic endurance event in the world.

It’s the toughest 24-hour obstacle race on the planet, it’s The Super Bowl of Endurance Sports, it’s the ultimate showdown of mental toughness.

The competiton was aired live on Facebook, but if you missed it, you can relive the madness this Saturday, December 23rd at 11 a.m. on CBS.

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