Quincy amends hotel-motel tax ordinance

Quincy City Council decided to keep the hotel-motel tax at 8 percent, however amended the ordinance to make it have to be reviewed every year.

Quincy's hotel-motel operators tax was one of the main issues tonight as city leaders met to discuss the ordinance.

The 8 percent hotel-motel tax has been in place for the last 18 years in Quincy.

Quincy Third Ward Alderman Paul Havermale said the rate, which funds the Oakley Lindsey Center and the Quincy Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, should be discussed every year.

He proposed an amendment to the ordinance which would require the tax to be reviewed every January.

"I think we need to review that, and make sure just as we do with every other city department that's funded with taxpayer dollars, that we're getting the best performance for the dollars that we're investing," Havermale said.

The proposition, with Havermale's amendment, was adopted as amended 11-3.

Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore says this may have unintended consequences for those services that need to plan long term.

"When you're bringing in conventions, you have to match dollars sometimes, and for them not to be able to project what their funding is going to be, at least baseline funding, is going to be very hard for them," Moore said.

If the 8 percent hotel-motel tax is not reaffirmed every January, it will sunset, or automatically, drop back to the 1990 level of 5 percent.

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