Quilt walk going on in Fort Madison


One local Iowa community celebrated their heritage with quilts.

Fort Madison is currently hosting a quilt walk.

Thirty businesses in the downtown area have quilts displayed somewhere in their store.

The quilts range from big to small, to historic and modern.

Shoppers can grab a punch card and fill it out as they see each quilt in the stores.

After they are done, they can turn in the cards to be entered into a raffle to win one of many different prizes.

Dr. Marie Brady-Whitcanack (WICK-UH-NACK) owns the Victorian Art Gallery and has on display two quilts very special to her, made by her mother and mother in law.

She says the goal of the walk is to promote the historic arts of the area.

To promote the historic district and the arts, the cultural district, and we consider the quilts an art form.-Dr. Marie Brady-Whitcanack

The Quilts will be on display until April 30th, so you still have time to go see the wonderful creations.

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