QU Football unwinds with yoga

QU Football unwinds with yoga

A Tri-State football team has added a new workout to its practice.

And it's not what you might think.

You don't have to be flexible to do yoga as the Quincy University football team shows us in this KHQA Exclusive report.

The Quincy University Football team has practiced yoga for the past five weeks.

"This is our first time as a team doing yoga, all together," said Andrew Rund, QU quarterback.

Michele Wilkerson oversees the bi-weekly class of 85 players.

"The first time they were all so nervous and scared and they all had the nervous laughter and it was one of those moments where they were all just deer in headlights," said Wilkerson, owner of YogaSeven.

Head coach Gary Bass first came up with the idea.

"To be able to stay calm. To keep their mental stability there in a position to where they have a chance to be successful on and off the field," Bass said.

"If you think you're not flexible enough to do yoga have you ever asked yourself are you too dirty to take a bath? Because you've got to start somewhere," Wilkerson stated.

"I feel more loose. I feel more in-tune when I'm working out because all of the meditation right before," said Bryce Johnson, defensive lineman.

"So many people underestimate the stress of college and having to get classes and homework and see family and relationships," Wilkerson said.

Some members of the team are even bringing their own yoga mats.

"It's fun. I feel like it really helps with my workouts," Johnson said.

"How to operate with a clear mind and to get away from everything," Rund stated.

"Let your mind be free and just relax," Johnson explained.

"A sense of peace in ourselves. It's a new experience for us all and it's definitely great to open ourselves up to new experiences," Rund said.

Wilkerson says this is the last week the team will do morning yoga.

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