QPS teachers start moving into Illes and Rooney Elementary

    Teachers spend the day unpacking classroom supplies.

    It's an exciting day for some teachers in the Quincy Public School District.

    Teachers got the green light to move into their new classrooms at Illes and Rooney Elementary.

    "This is going to take me forever and I don't really know where to start, and it smells really new in here," said Illes Elementary Kindergarten Teacher Melissa Fantz.

    Educators at Illes and Rooney Elementary got a surprise by having the option to move into their classrooms a little bit early.

    Teachers started to unpack their classrooms Monday morning.

    QPS Kindergarten teacher Melissa Fantz has called Washington School home for 17 years. She says making the transition to Illes Elementary is bittersweet.

    "I don't have all of the same things I have been used to for 17 years so just figuring out what the new normal is going to be is going to be the big issue I think,” said Fantz.

    Fantz said there are big benefits when it comes to her new classroom.

    "Our rooms all four are right here all together in our own little pod. We have a common meeting area outside where we can do things with all of the kindergarten students together,” said Fantz.

    The old elementary schools only housed kindergarten through third grade.

    Now the new schools will include fourth and fifth grade as well.

    "Third graders, I mean we had some amazing leaders at Washington but that two extra years of maturity is really going to benefit our kindergarteners,” said Fantz.

    Mrs. Fantz notes that having a restroom and sink in her classroom is a big bonus.

    Fantz said, “The girl’s bathroom was far, so to supervise my girls going to the bathroom was an issue, now I have bathrooms in my classroom."

    But with change, comes a new set of challenges for teachers to tackle together.

    "I'll have more students here than what I had at Washington, so adjusting same size space to more students is going to be a challenge,” said Fantz.

    Mrs. Fantz commends the district on successfully moving all if their classroom items safely.

    An open house at Illes Elementary is scheduled for August 4th, and open house at Rooney Elementary is scheduled for August 11th.

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