QPD acquires new Super Talon to catch animals in a safer way

Quincy Animal Control Officer Steve Scherer uses new Super Talon to capture an injured goose at the Quincy riverfront November 20th (Courtesy of the Quincy Police Department)

The Quincy Police Department's Animal Control Unit now has a new device to catch animals in a safer way.

The Quincy Humane Society recently donated what's called a Super Talon.

It's a net equipped with Steele grapples that makes it virtually impossible for animals to shake off the net or get away.

Animal Control Officer Steve Scherer says this new device will be used on wildlife and small animals that are difficult to catch.

"I anticipate using on wildlife and smaller animals, like dogs, mostly things that are skiddish, that are hard to catch," Scherer said. "This is important to capture animals in a safe manner and to get them home or get them medical care."

The department already has used the new device on a wild goose that had fishing wire wrapped around his leg.

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