QND Pom Pon team has the right stuff

The QND Pom Squad poses with KHQA's Melissa Shriver during KHQA This Morning.

The Quincy Notre Dame Pom Pon Squad is still celebrating after taking home serious hardware for the third year in a row.

Twenty-two pommers on the squad won first place in Class 1A Division at the Illinois Drill Team Association State Championships.

Each year the team's seniors choreograph the routine themselves. Each routine is centered around a theme which carries through to the actual dance, music and special effects. Click here to learn about the process to create a state-award winning routine.

This year's competition theme was "Las Vegas," which integrated songs like Elvis' "Viva Las Vegas" and slot machine pom pon punches.

Click here to watch the first half of the state routine from KHQA This Morning. Here is the second half of the state routine from KHQA This Morning.

Unlike most sports, Pom knows no actual season.

Jennifer Terwelp has been the QND Pom Pon Coach for four years. She says it's a year-round sport, that requires countless hours of practice to get each movement right.

"We start in June and run until now," Terwelp said. "Even now when we're done, we still have parades we'll do, we still have tryouts to work on and we still have things we working on for next year already." Click here to learn more from Coach Terwelp from KHQA This Morning.

Pommers on the Quincy Notre Dame Pom Pon squad say it takes time management to balance the Pom Pon squad with school, work and other activities. Click here to learn how they do it.

Quincy Senior High School's Pom Pon team also took home first place at the Illinois Drill Team Association State Competition's Pom-Dance triple A division.

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