Pulling the Strings: The Lost Art of Marionettes

Pulling the Strings: The Lost Art of Marionettes

The March puppet show at the Quincy Public Library is called, "Leprechauns Never Lie."

Though the marionettes are the star of the show, it's the hands behind them that matter the most.

Natascha Will has held the strings attached to the puppets at the Quincy Public Library for about five years.

How does she do it?

"Practice. You've really got to practice to learn how to move the puppets," Natascha Will says.

When she was told she would be a part of the library's puppet show, she didn't know what to think.

"To be truthful I kind of felt silly when I first did it and then you know once you got over feeling silly it's a lot of fun," adds Will.

Now Natascha is happy keeping this lost art alive.

"Puppets just aren't really a big deal anymore. It's something unique and it gets them excited. It's something that they probably wont see," explains Will.

Except for Caleb and Corbin Genenbacher, their mom takes them every month.

"The puppet shows are just a good interaction for the kids, they always have fun watching them, they go home and tell their other brothers and sisters about it too," says mother, Natalie Genenbacher.
"They just think its funny, they love the puppets, they love seeing them, it's just a lot of fun and it get's them excited to come to the library," Will adds.

"Leprechauns Never Lie," will be shown again on the mornings of March 8th-10th at 10:15 AM at the Quincy Public Library.

To see a schedule of shows beyond this one, go to the Quincy Public Library's website here.

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