Protecting your skin from the dry winter months

Protecting your skin from the dry winter months

While the chill settles into the air, you may feel it settling into your skin too.

The cold weather months can bring a variety of skin problems.

Dr. Erick Calmet with Hannibal Regional always sees an increase of patients with dry skin this time of year.

"Our skin suffers because number one the air is dryer and when we are inside the house we have the heat on so that produces dry skin," says Dr. Calmet.

Dr. Calmet says during the winter months it's important to keep your skin moisturized.

One tip that Dr. Calmet gave KHQA is to wet your skin and then apply the lotion, that way you lock in an extra layer of moisture.

Also he says to keep a closer eye on your face, your hands, your elbows and knees.

"What appears first is your skin becomes rough, scaly, you're going to have some flaky-ness, as this progresses you might have some cracks in the skin," adds Dr. Calmet.

If the skin becomes more irritated it might be time to see a doctor.

"There is bacterial overgrowth, you'll have infections that go through those cracks under the skin," Dr. Calmet explains.

Dr. Calmet wants to remind you that your skin is your first line of defense.

Keeping it healthy should be a priority.

"People kind of take for granted that their skin is going to be dry during the wintertime but they don't think about what it could lead to," Dr. Calmet says.

Another thing the doctor mentioned is that kids are even more suseptable to dry skin.

Along with checking your own skin, it's a good idea to check your kids.

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