Protecting your pets during winter snow and frigid temperatures

Now that the Tri-States has had its first measurable snowfall, it's important to pay close attention to your pet's safety.

We typically shovel our driveways or sidewalks during a measurable snowfall.

While shoveling a path so people can walk on, a local veterinarian recommends shoveling a path for your animal when they're outside, too.

Dr. Bob Reich also says the most important thing is to pay close attention to your pet's footing.

Next, only leave your pet outside for a short amount of time. He says pets can get cold just as humans do.

Frigid temperatures like the ones we're experiencing now could be fatal to your pet.

"The best thing is you know you don’t want to take a hairdryer and put it on them. Like I say to keep your dog warm. there is nothing wrong with a dog coat. If you have a dog who is used to being outside you really don’t want to spoil it and get it unacclimated so you need to bring it in the basement or the garage," says Dr. Reich.

Dr. Reich says to check your pet's paws after bringing them inside. The fur between their paw pads could get wet and freeze with ice, hurting your pet’s feet. Finally, he says to pay attention to the salt you are using.

Some rock salts can hurt your pet's skin. You also can buy pet-friendly rock salt to make sure you don't hurt your furry friend.

If your pet must stay outside, make sure they have a covered area to go into. Also, make sure any blanketing or straw is dry.

One final tip for outside pets, make sure they have water that isn't frozen.

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