Protecting your home while away for the holidays

Protecting your home while away for the holidays

This year AAA predicts over 107 million people will travel for the Holidays.

That means a lot of empty houses and a lot of opportunities for potential burglaries.

Sheriff Brian VonderHaar with the Quincy Sheriff's Office says the best thing you can do is make it look like you are home.

You can do that by leaving on the TV or a radio, also a few lights.

"I know it may be a cost to your energy bill to go up a little bit to leave a radio on but that little bit of deterrent would make a burglar think twice about going in if they hear a noise inside the house," says Sheriff VonderHaar.

VonderHaar has some additional tips.

Stop your mail service, don't post on social media that you are out of town, and if you plan to stay home...look out for your neighbors who may be traveling.

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