Safety tips ahead of Eclipse viewing

Eclipse-approved glasses

The eclipse is coming and Quincy Optometrist Dr. Dan Hayden has a few tips you should know.

"There's just going to be a hint of that real intense sunlight coming through and that's going to make it a little easier for someone to actually look at the sun for a length of time when actually it's very, very harmful. The intensity of that tiny little break of sun is still intense enough to damage the back surface of the eye," Dr. Hayden said.

The back surface being the retina and damage can be permanent.

"There is an international standard for a type of sun lens that's approved for viewing a solar eclipse and it's ISO and then numbers," said Hayden.

You should make sure that if you are going to view the eclipse with a pair of sunglasses, that they are approved for it.

The same goes for welder’s glasses.

"There are welder’s glasses that in theory would be approved for looking at the solar eclipse but they're not the typical welders glass that most people who are welding would use. It would be something above and beyond," Hayden said.

Typically, glasses labeled with ISO 12312-2 and shade 14 welding glasses are eclipse-approved.

You can grab your pair of ISO-approved eclipse glasses at any local County Market.

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