Preparedness Month: Are you ready for a disaster?

September is National Preparedness Month. With Hurricane Irma in the forefront, here's a few tips to stay prepared in case of a national disaster.

"Some of our storms are pretty powerful two years ago we lost power here in the store for three days. Some people were out of power for about three weeks," said Scott Warner.

Scott Warner is the Assistant General Manager at Menards in Quincy.

"One of the biggest things is if you need electricity to run your air conditioning or your heat, you need a generator,” Warner said.

While we aren’t much of a hurricane risk, storms that knock the power out in addition to flooding are the most common natural disasters to occur in the Tri-States.

"I have a stock pile of blankets. I do have a camp stove. We always have cases of water laying around," said Warner.

Warner says it's wise to have an emergency evacuation plan for your family to follow in case of a disaster.

"When I was a kid I remember doing that in school and we had to have an evacuation plan for our house. What tree to meet at or what neighbor’s house to go to if you need to. That sort of thing and you also got to make sure your kids are taken care of," recollected Warner.

You can find emergency kits in most hardware stores.

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