Preliminary Accident Report released on fatal Ralls County plane crash

KHQA File photo

On July 27th, Bobby Faulkner and Shannon Faulkner were killed after their single-engine airplane crashed in a Ralls County soybean field.

On Friday, the National Transportation Safety Board released a preliminary accident report from the incident.

The cross-country flight originated from Mexico Municipal Airport in Mexico, Missouri at about 4 a.m. and was en route to Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

The report states the plane crashed at about 4:15 a.m. while "instrument meteorological conditions prevailed".

The report states:

According to the airport manager, the airplane arrived late in the day on July 26. The pilot said he wanted to get an early start the next morning because he wanted to arrive at OSH (Oshkosh) when the control tower opened at 0700. The manager said he believed the pilot and his wife camped that evening next to the airplane. When the manager arrived at the airport the next morning, the airplane was gone. The airplane was later reported missing and an ALNOT (Alert Notice) was issued that evening. The wreckage was located early the next morning.

The report states that the on-scene investigation revealed the following:

  • The plane struck the ground in a right wing low, nose down attitude
  • The crushed right wing and the relatively intact left wing were located down the debris path, followed by the fuselage and engine
  • The debris path was aligned on a heading back towards Mexico

According to the report, there is no record that the pilot obtained a weather briefing or filed a flight plan.

You can read the full report below or click here.

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