Pike County, IL cleaning up after tornado leaves destruction

Pike County Tornado Damage 1

Parts of West and Central Illinois played the unfortunate hosts of a long line of long lived severe thunderstorm warnings. The funnel clouds that touched down left countless scenes like this. The National Weather Service toured the destruction on Sunday, December 2nd to determine the strength of the tornado.

What we try and do is after we get any kind of reports of tornadoes or really significant damage from thunderstorms we try and go and take a look and see exactly what happened," said Ben Herzog, St. Louis National Weather Service Meteorologist.

Although the path of destruction may be narrow, the impacts are still felt.

We've seen hard wood trees that have been snapped at the trunk, we have seen some manufactured homes that have had the roof completely torn off, had some walls come off and things like that. And then we had some farm and out building that have been rolled over," said Herzog.

As for the strength of Saturday's tornado.

Everything that we've seen so far today has been consistent with EF 1 damage. So that is generally anywhere between 95 and 110 mph," said Herzog.

While cleanup efforts are underway in Pike Count, there's a lot to be said about a Tri-State tornado in December.

Currently uncommon to have it in December, but it's not unprecedented. Especially in this part of the country, we can get low pressure systems, things like that, bring up a lot of that warm air, stuff that we saw yesterday and make the ingredients just right," said Herzog.

Winter weather conditions returns to the Tri-States this week, but this spring-like storm will be remembered for the residents of Pike County as the cleanup process begins.

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