Pike County, Missouri roads reduced to 45 mph

All roads maintained by Pike County will now be 45 MPH (KHQA/Marcus Espinoza).

"It is very frightening," said Pike County resident Pam Bolte.

On Monday, Pike County commissioners signed an ordinance making all county roads 45 mph.

That includes any road maintained by the county, regardless of the surface of the road, many of which are gravel.

Bolte is one of the many residents happy that the new MPH standard on Pike County roads is 45 MPH.

"On a gravel road and somebody really flying and meet you, or pass you on a gravel road, it's very frightening," said Bolte.

If you get caught speeding by 20 MPH or more, you can be ticketed as a class C misdemeanor.

Eastern commissioner Justin Sheppard sent KHQA a statement on the reasoning behind the change.

“I believe that 60 MPH on a gravel road is excessive. State statutes regulated speeds on our county roads with a maximum speed of 60 MPH (prior to our motion to reduce). The commissioners felt a 45 MPH speed limit is a safer for drivers on our county owned and maintained roads," said Sheppard.

The new speed limit went into effect on Monday.

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