'Picking it up' in Hannibal

Twins Howard and Carl Brothers stand with mom Amanda, along with Adrienne and Jarren Landis.

How often do you notice trash around your neighborhood?

Do you stop to pick it up?

One northeast Missouri trio does just that--and they're kids.

They say one man's trash is another man's treasure. But what happens when that trash adds up?

10-year-old Jarren Landis had an idea.

"I saw a lot of complaints on Facebook and instead of complaining, I did something about it," said Landis.

He recruited his friends, 13-year-old twins Carl and Howard Brothers, who are also his next-door-neighbors.

"To help clean up our neighborhood," said Howard Brothers.

Adrienne Landis is Jarren’s mom.

"Sometimes kids come up with ideas and don't really follow through but this one he was really persistent. This was something he was really passionate about. So I knew we had to do something," said Adrienne, "You don't really realize how bad it is until you get out here and start cleaning it up."
"Needles, bottles, cans. Medicine bottles. It''s crazy," said Amanda Brothers, mother of Carl and Howard.

The group picks up trash around the community every week. In just half an hour, they picked up 15 bags of trash behind Aldi in Hannibal.

But their work is far from over.

Thanks to community sponsorship, the crew is able to safely pick up as much trash as possible.

Trash bags, protective gloves and grabbers were donated to the boys.

"It could be prevented. It's really simple. Just don't litter and pick your trash up," stated Adrienne.

Landis hopes people will take notice and come "pick it up" along with the crew.

The group can always use volunteers.

You can visit their Facebook page called "Pick It Up" for more information.

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