Pedestrian struck by car in Macon County accident

KTVO photo

A pedestrian was struck by a car in La Plata, Missouri, Thursday morning after the slippery roads caused two vehicles to slide off the road.

According to authorities on scene, the driver of an SUV was traveling south on Highway 63 and slid off the road into a ditch while trying to make a right turn onto Lantern Street in La Plata.

A pedestrian nearby went to check on the passengers in the vehicle to make sure they were alright.

Minutes later, the driver of a second SUV slid off the road in the same spot as the first vehicle and struck the pedestrian and the other SUV.

At the scene, KHQA's sister station KTVO spoke with the pedestrian who was struck.

He told KTVO he was fine, but was transported by the Macon County Ambulance for treatment of minor injuries.

Both vehicles were damaged in the crash.

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