Pam Shaffer prepares to leave the Red Cross

Pam Shaffer prepares to leave the Red Cross.

You can't say Red Cross in this area without thinking of Pam Shaffer.

She has led the organizations through some their most challenging times in recent years.

But in March Shaffer will step down as executive director of the Red Cross .

"She is our face. And she's our heart. She's the one who reminds us always with a good heart you do your job." The "She" that longtime Red Cross volunteer Betty Jumonville is talking about is Adams County Red Cross executive Director Pam Shaffer.

After taking over the reins in 1991, Shaffer says she will leave that post in March.

Among her many accomplishments, Shaffer says she is proudest of creating the disaster services program.

"I'm so proud of our volunteers that not only do we respond here locally in all 11 counties, they also go out on national assignments," Shaffer said. "I'm really proud of that accomplishment."

Two years later that program would prove its worth during the "flood of '93".

"We had volunteers from all over the country that came to help us out," Shaffer said. "We had 12 emergency response vehicles here in our community that was feeding all the way from Hancock County down to Pike County. We were doing two meals a day."

Adams County Emergency Management Director John Simon was a 14-year-old Red Cross volunteer in 1993.

"Whether its been flooding,whether its been large snow storms or wind storm, the Lima tornado, we've always seen her right at the front of the line being there to make sure that the community was taken care of in a time of need," Simon said.

But Shaffer is characteristically humble, preferring as always to turn the spotlight on others.

"It wasn't me," Shaffer said. "I was leading but it was due to all the volunteers that helped me provide those services."

Pam Shaffer's eight grandchildren grace the wall of her office and she says she is looking forward to spending more "grandma time" when them.

Another accomplishment that Shaffer is proud of is new building the Red Cross moved into on North 23rd street.

She says it has been vital in providing wide reaching services in times of need.

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