Palmyra refunds overpaid traffic tickets

Palmyra refunds overpaid traffic tickets.

The City of Palmyra is now refunding overpaid traffic tickets.

KHQA's news gathering partners at the Hannibal Courier Post say the city found 13 tickets paid over the legal limit for minor violations.

The controversy started when a driver was asked to pay a voluntary donation of $100 to something called the law enforcement fund.

A St. Louis attorney says that is illegal and is now accusing the city of extortion.

Palmyra's municipal court and Palmyra Prosecuting Attorney James Lemon's office reviewed 70 tickets from January to now.

They found 13 tickets with erroneous charges totaling just over $900.

Lemon made a decision to stop requesting the law enforcement fund donations established through a city ordinance similar to that in other Northeast Missouri communities.

Lemon said that employees in his office received additional training regarding the state requirements, and two people will review each citation to be sure that fees for minor violations do not exceed $225.

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