Packing a healthy lunch for school

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From paper bags to brightly-colored lunch boxes, the way kids carry it has changed--but one thing hasn't.

Jean Kinder is the Director of Food Services for Quincy Public Schools.

"You want to have a lot of fruits and vegetables. Those should be at least half of your plate is what you should strive for. That doesn't always happen but you should strive for it," Kinder said.

Whether it's the traditional sandwich, piece of fruit, chips, and a treat or a bento box with hummus and veggies, a well-balanced meal will keep your kids healthy and focused.

"Well parents know their kids better than I do so obviously you try to pack things that your kids like. But also try to keep in mind the food groups--the fruits and vegetables. I mean I'm a parent as well so not everything in my child's lunch box is always going to be healthy but I try to keep in mind the different food groups," said Kinder.

The same goes for a well-balanced breakfast. Eating breakfast in the morning helps kids stay awake and energized throughout the day.

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