One week since boater went missing; search crews refuse to quit

One week since boater went missing; search crews refuse to quit.

It's been one week since 19-year-old Ean Reinold went missing on the Mississippi River.

While some are looking to call it quits, one group won't stop searching.

The Illinois Conservation Police could call of their search as early as Sunday, but the Quincy Volunteer Emergency Corps says their efforts never end.

"Who wants to be the one that calls it off? And none of the corps' members have ever wanted to be the person that says, 'we're going to call this off', so they keep going," said Glenn Sanders with the Quincy Area Emergency Volunteer Corps.

It takes about eight hours to search the river from Quincy to Hannibal by boat.

One Tri-State resident has offered his small plane to conduct aerial searches.

Sanders says it's support like this that keeps the search active.

"They're going to keep going. The thing that's really keeping them going right now is the level of support from the community. It's just been phenomenal. I've worked around these all the way from Ontario in Canada all the way down in Louisiana over the course of my career and I've never seen a community come together at one of these events like Quincy has," said Sanders.

The majority of large debris has now been removed from their search areas.

Volunteers will continue to search a secondary location Sunday morning.

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