One-thousand flags celebrate veterans


You may have noticed a number of flags waving in Quincy's Madison Park this past weekend.

The display is a part of the Exchange Club's Field of Honor.

One-thousand flags were placed in the park to commemorate and honor our country's veterans.

The display is even visible at night with the help of two generators.

For some, it is a way to say thank you but for others it is a solemn reminder of the past.

"I had a Vietnam vet come up to me, or I found him in the field all by himself just crying. I thanked him for his service and he said that's the first time that anybody had ever done that. He said everyone of those flags represented a buddy he didn't come home with," said Art Awerkamp, Field of Honor Chairman.

The flags will be on display until Monday night and will be taken down Tuesday with the help of Quincy Notre Dame students.

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