One of Quincy’s largest karting events is making a grand return

The Quincy Park District and a local business owner announced plans to bring back Quincy's largest karting event.

Terry Traeder along with park district leaders made that announcement at a news conference Thursday.

Traeder's father Gus was the original founder of Quincy's Karting Grand Prix. It dates back to 1970.

Traeder says the event wouldn't be possible without businesses and leaders throughout the community.

"I think the surface was a real key, it was real rough getting rougher every year, which made it dangerous cause you bounce around in a cart and you don’t have suspension and so you bounce around and so I think what really keyed this thing is when the park district paved the whole park, it is smooth as glass and is going to be a smooth racing surface,” says Event Organizer Terry Traeder.

The Karting Grand Prix attracts racers from coast to coast to the Quincy area.

The racing event is now scheduled for June 8-10th.

The event will be free for spectators.

More information regarding the event, along with sponsors, purse amounts and times will be released at a later date.

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