One local fire district is calling on residents to be more cognizant of fire safety

Tri-Township Fire Department says at least half of the fire calls in the past two months could have been avoided.

Lt. Chris Costigan with Tri-Township Fire says the high volume of calls stems from the nature of winter weather.

He says most fire calls originate from wood burning stoves, fireplaces. and space heaters.

Around half of which could have been prevented by maintenance.

"Make sure that everything is working properly, that is just something that is preventive maintenance that should be done seasonally is what we recommend. It is never late to have it done, it is always a good idea to have these things taken care of prior to the colder months,” says Costigan.

Costigan says it's important to monitor these sources as they work harder during the colder months.

He urges residents to never leave things such as space heaters and fireplaces unattended.

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