NYE Apps and Cocktails: Basic can still be delicious

New Year's Eve is a time to reflect on the past year and bring in the new one with loved ones. With all that going on who wants to be stuck in the kitchen?

Owner of the Maine Course, Kevin Minnick says you can avoid that by keeping your NYE menu basic.

"There's nothing wrong with keeping it straitforward, simple," Minnick said. "Cheese, a meat tray even if it's deli slices it's still delicious."

Don't look past the classic chips and dip, just get creative with it.

"Make a cheese sauce," Minnick said. "Chips and dip, veggies, celery, carrots whatever you want. It's delicious and something that your guests can help themselves to."

The same idea goes for cocktails.

"If you're going to make cocktails, rule number one about any spirit or wine is drink what you enjoy," Minnick said. "Have fun with it, play with it. If you know you enjoy this kind of spirit do a little twist with it. As you create cocktails as a mixologist its about really understanding what you bas flavor is and adding little subtle twists to it."

But Minnick's most important rule of all is ...

"Have fun it's the first thing about it," Minnick said. "It's a party, enjoy it don't get stressed out about it. People are there to have fun and they're there for the company as well."

So relax, if your guests don't like the cheese tray make a new app next year .... it'll only be hours away.

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