Northeast Missouri building demolished as city pursues owner

A northeast Missouri community is taking matters into its own hands to remove a safety risk.

Edina crews spent Monday removing a building at Main Street and Highway 6.

This after receiving reports earlier Monday morning of a partial building collapse in the roadway.

Edina's Police Chief says he cannot recall a time where the city had to order the demolition of a building all in one day.

The order is welcomed news for a local business owner who says the building was a safety hazard to everyone.

"It was a big concern because at any time it could have come down just like it did this morning. Part of it came down. So yeah it could have hit cars or vehicles or even pedestrians,” says Diane Parton, owner of Insurance Matters.

Parton’s business is located across the square from the building that collapsed Monday. She used to own the building.

Parton said, "My husband and I bought it in the late 80's and we ran a clothing store out of it which was fashion corner."

Parton sold the building after having children.

Many different owners had various businesses in that building throughout the years.

A pizza parlor was the last business to call the building home.

"It closed a number of years ago. A lady had bought it going to salvage the building and the building got in bad shape and she started demolition but then stopped," said Edina Police Chief Ryan Bishop.

Chief Bishop says crew acted quickly to clean up the rubble Monday morning.

"City crew came up and cleaned it up and we were able to open traffic, and then we determined later that the building was unsafe,” said Bishop. “We got the go ahead to go ahead an do an emergency demolition on the building."

City leaders believe a saturated ground and gusty winds caused the building to fall.

"It’s a huge eyesore. We have gone through I think two Cornfests Celebrations which is our fall festival with that standing like that and it is an eyesore and its kind of an embarrassment to the community,” said Parton.

Chief Bishop says there's warrant out for the arrest of the building's owner - Anita Woodburn of Birch Tree, Missouri for failing to maintain her building.

His department has been communicating with authorities in southern Missouri to try and contact Woodburn.

In the meantime, the city has applied for an emergency grant to pay for the building's demolition.

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