Church, event cancelations

Church, event cancelations

Below is a list of closings, cancelations or reschedulings for this weekend.

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Businesses closed:

General Mills in Hannibal - Closed through Monday morning - Check the Emergency Hotline for specific details

Hannibal Public Library - Closed 1/14

Community for Christ Assistance Center (Food Pantry & Thrift Store) in Camp Point - Closed 1/14

Quincy Public Library - Closed 1/14

QMG's affiliates in Canton & Lewistown - Closed 1/14

Villa Kathrine - Closed 1/14

Hannibal YMCA - Closed 1/14

Keokuk Public Library - Closed 1/14

Events canceled:

Haiti Soup Supper - scheduled for 1/14, rescheduled to 1/28 at Union United Methodist Church in Quincy

Ostomy Support Group - scheduled for 1/15 at Blessing Hospital

North River Old Iron Club - scheduled for 1/14

Special Olympic Training at Quincy University

The Lima Food Pantry at The Crossing in Lima- canceled, rescheduled to Saturday, January 21, 2017

Upward at Immanuel Baptist Church in Hannibal- scheduled for 1/14

Mendon Basketball League Games - scheduled for 1/14

K & L Arena - closed until 10:30am on 1/14

Mt. Sterling Community Center YMCA Programs - Canceled 1/14

Junior High Boys Basketball Hancock County Tournament - Canceled 1/14, rescheduled for Monday, January 16th with location and times remaining the same

Tangerine Bowl Morning Junior Leagues - Canceled 1/14

Keokuk Youth Bowling - Canceled 1/14

QJH Comets Basketball Practice - Canceled 1/14

Moody Bible Institute in Hannibal - 6:30pm Concert Canceled 1/14

Quincy University's Mart Heinen Chili Cook Off - scheduled for 1/15 has been rescheduled to 1/22

Churches closed:

Saverton Community Church All Sunday Services

St. Rose Church in Rushville - Canceled all weekend masses

Paris UMC worship - Canceled 1/15

Hannibal Free Methodist Church - Closed 1/15

Believers Church - Canceled 1/15

Calvary Baptist Church in Hannibal - Canceled 1/15

First United Methodist Church of Hannibal - Canceled 1/15

Edina Assembly of God - Canceled 1/15

First Baptist Church in Paris -Canceled 1/15

Hull United Methodist Church - Canceled 1/15

Cornerstone Baptist Church of Hannibal - Canceled 1/15

Palmyra United Methodist Church - Saturday 5pm, Sunday 8 and 9:30am services canceled; Sunday 10:45 am service still planned

First Baptist Church in Shelbyville - Canceled 1/15

Pittsfield United Methodist Church - all services and activities canceled for 1/15

Mt Vernon UMC - Canceled 1/15

Saverton-Ilasco United Methodist Church - Canceled 1/15

Salem Evangelical United Church in Quincy - Canceled 1/15

Hydesburg United Methodist Church in rural Hannibal - Canceled 1/15

Faith Lutheran Church in Augusta - Canceled 1/15

First Lutheran Church Mt Sterling - 7 am service canceled for 1/15

Immanuel Lutheran Church, West Ely - Canceled 1/15

Shelbina United Methodist Church - Canceled 1/15

Honeywell United Methodist Church - Canceled 1/15

First Baptist Church, Ewing MO - Canceled 1/15

Winchester Assembly of God - Canceled 1/15

Arch United Methodist Church, Hannibal - Canceled 1/15

Grace Covenant Baptist Church - Canceled 1/15

St. Paul Lutheran, Pittsfield - Canceled 1/15

St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Bowen - Canceled 1/15

Bethel Baptist Church, Colchester - Canceled 1/15

Bright Star United Methodist parish - Canceled 1/15 for Griggsville, Detroit, Florence, Oxville, & New Salem

Union United Methodist, Quincy - Canceled 1/15

St. John's Lutheran Church, Hannibal, MO - Canceled 1/15

First Baptist Church, Monroe City - Canceled 1/15

Brush Arbor Baptist Churh, Monroe City - Canceled 1/15

Mt. Sterling United Methodist Church - Canceled 1/15

Unity Church of Quincy - Canceled 1/15

Canton Christian Church in Canton, MO - Canceled 1/15

Ursa Christian church, Ursa IL - Canceled 1/15

Clover Road Christian Church, Hannibal - including youth group, canceled 1/15

Prince Avenue Baptist Church

St. Peter's Lutheran Church at Coatsburg - canceled 1/14 and 1/15

First Baptist Church in New London - Canceled 1/15

First Baptist Church, Monroe City - Canceled 1/15

United Methodist Churches at Richfield, Beverly, and Plainville - Canceled 1/15

St. Anthony of Padua church in Quincy is cancelling Sunday morning PSR and RCIA classes - canceled 1/15

Immanuel Baptist Church in Hannibal - Canceled 1/15

Pea Ridge Community Church - Canceled 1/15

Trinity Lutheran Church, Golden, IL - Canceled 1/15

South Side Baptist Church, Hannibal, MO - Canceled 1/15

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Golden, IL - Canceled 1/15

Bethany United Church of Christ, Tioga, IL - Service and meeting canceled 1/15

Emmanual Church of the Nazarene, Quincy, IL - Canceled 1/15

Helping Hands Hannibal Baptist Church - Canceled 1/15

Central Baptist Church in Quincy - Canceled 1/15

Park UNC in Hannibal - Canceled 1/15

Promiseland Family Church of Monroe City

Payson United Methodist Church

Zion Lutheran Palmyra

Durham United Methodist Church

LaGrange United Methodist Church

Mendon Congregational Church

Camp Point Assembly of God

Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Shelbyville

Our Savior Lutheran Church, Monroe City

Genesis Bible Church, Hannibal

St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Lagrange

Melrose Chapel UMC

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Carthage

South Union Baptist Church of Maywood

Living Faith UMC in Bowen

First Baptist Church of Palmyra

El Dara Christian Church, El Dara, IL

Faith Baptist Church, Camp Point

St Peters Lutheran Church La Grange Mo

Oakwood Christian Church, Hannibal

The First Christian Church of New London

Vermont Street United Methodist Church, Quincy

Shelbina First Baptist Church

Camp Point Assembly

Edina United Methodist Church

Knox City United Methodist Church

Second Baptist Church in Bowling Green

First Baptist Church, Plainville, Illinois

First Christian Church, Barry

Shelbina Christian Church

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