'No Turn on Red' has some drivers breaking the law

If you drive in Quincy, you're used to seeing the "No right turn on red" signs. But how often do you see other drivers ignore that posting at certain intersections?

When was the last time you noticed a "No Turn on Red" sign while driving?

"I pay attention to street signs all the time when I drive so I notice them," said Quincy resident Amanda Wagy.

If you do notice it, do you stop?

"No I'll actually wait," said Kayla Walton of Quincy.
"I follow the law and I wait," said Ruth Daniels.


"You never know who's coming," said Tyler Turnbaugh.
"I see all the time people turn out in front of people and I'm just like you need to pay attention," Wagy said.
"It doesn't take over a couple of seconds and there's no sense in doing anything other than following the traffic signs," Daniels said.

Sandy Gilbert has worked at Aqua Tech Marine in Quincy for the past 18 years.

She says she has seen and heard her fair share of accidents.

That's because of people failing to follow the "No Turn on Red" sign at the light that's next to the business.

"There's a few people that actually stop and follow the sign that says no turn on red. Normally if they do the people behind them are honking their horn like hey you need to go but there's a high percentage of people that run that no turn of right side," Gilbert explained.

The Quincy Police Department urges drivers to abide by the law and follow all signs.

"There's always potential for an accident to happen. You can be ticketed for it--especially if you cause an accident," said patrol officer Katie Dolbeare of the Quincy Police Department.

The Quincy Police Department would also like to remind drivers to be vigilant this upcoming holiday weekend.

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