New year, new laws


The new year is now days away and with it come new laws across the Tri-States effective January 1.

In Illinois, 2018 will be the first year for the state to officially recognize August 4th as "Barack Obama Day."

The Illinois' General Assembly recently passed a law that would give former president Barack Obama an official designation on his birthday.

Also new in Illinois come Monday, motorists will be able to pass bicyclists in no passing zones and bicyclists can drive on the shoulder.

And schools will be back in session soon.

As of January 1 all Illinois students will be required to learn cursive before entering fifth grade.

Jumping over to the Show-Me State, minimum wage will increase from $7.70 to $7.85 per hour.

And new changes for non-violent drug related crimes.

Beginning January 1, 2018 expunging criminal convictions will broaden.

While not every individual and every crime will qualify, more non-violent crimes will be eligible for expungement than in previous years.

Keeping with Missouri, January 22, 2018 is the end of the grace period for non-compliant IDs in the state.

Missouri currently does not have a compliant ID and is required to under the Real ID Act.

Proving your identity without another form of identification could be difficult without a compliant ID.

Now over to Iowa.

Right now, Iowans can legally use and buy fireworks for the first time in decades.

Until January 3, firework sales are legal in the state due to a law passed earlier this year.

Keep in mind, the Iowa law allows cities to restrict the use of fireworks.

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