New type of casts and splints to be available in the Tri-States

New type of casts and splints now available to Tri-State residents

Quincy is now one of three cities across the country to offer ActivArmor.

It's a 3-D printed cast and splint custom to fit each patient's needs.

Tri-State residents will soon be able to get one at Quincy Medical Group.

It's water and sweat proof, breathable, ventilated, and it's easy to take on and off if needed.

Founder Diana Hall says this type of cast won't change anything about a patient's daily life.

"Do the dishes, do their gardening, athletes to sweat in them while they are competing, still train while they are being immobilized, even ice baths and showers and things like that, for kids not to have to hold their arms outside the shower in a bag. It is really going to allow them to have their normal lives back while they are trying to be immobilized," explains Hall.

QMG will start offering ActivArmor next week.

Hall says by the end of 2018 ActivArmor will be in 12 cities across the country.

Diana Hall went from chemical engineer to the founder of ActivArmor.

All thanks to her decision to start a mentor program for kids in poverty in a small town in Colorado.

"One little boy got his wet and he didn't want to tell his parents and get in trouble so he ended up with permanent scaring under his cast," said Hall.

Diana Hall made that little boy a prototype and that's where it all began.

"I said 'ask your doctor if you can wear this' and his doctor called me and said can you make me some more of these, and that was three years ago. That really opened my eyes to a need, a need that hadn't been met," Hall explained.

Hall took a leap of faith.

She dumped her 401K into this business and quit her job.

"I solved the design issues, the regulatory issues and all the other reasons it wasn't available to doctors and hospitals."

After two years of field tests, Diana is excited to introduce ActivArmor to our area.

Her favorite part about the business is hearing the success stories.

"The second I go into a clinic and I see a little girl saying I just got a swimming pool in my back yard this summer and broke my arm and you saved my summer and give you a hug, it's all worth it," Hall adds.

As we said, these casts will be available at Quincy Medical group next week.

They are also available in Denver, Colorado and in Los Angeles.

Hall will have them in nine more cities by the end of 2018.

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