New Prospect League Baseball Team coming to Hannibal; submit your name ideas


The Prospect Summer Collegiate Baseball League and Hannibal Prospect League offically announced the return of baseball to Hannibal.

Watch the press conference below or click here.

A press conference was held in Hannibal on Tuesday.

"I wanna see Hannibal baseball played here. I believe in it, my wife and I come to every game," said Hanibal resident Roy Hark.

The Cavemen, once known as Hannibal's summer collegiate prospect team, left America's Hometown in 2016.

However, that won't be the case in 2018.

"Having a team in Hannibal for Hannibal and this region's sake. That's about a million and a half to two million dollars a year, brand new money coming in. It becomes the cheapest g-rated family entertainment in this rare area," said Prospect League Commissioner Dennia Bastien.

Mathew Stembridge, the new General Manager and Head Coach for the league, has years of coaching experience in the Tri-States.

"In my experience over ten years, I've ran into alot of people and alot of coaches across the country. Then you kind of start to branch out in those pieces," said Stembridge.

Something you can expect at Clemens Field with the return of baseball next summer is a new playing surface.

"We have to bring in a bunch of dirt, we have to reseed, you name it as far as a playing surface, just about every square inch of that play surface will be revisited," said Stembridge.

A name for the team has not yet been decided.

The team would like your help in naming the new team.

Our friends and partners at the Hannibal Courier-Post are accepting submissions now.

"I am just very excited, I really am and I think it's good clean sports and good clean entertainment for the people of Hannibal. It's economical," said Hark.

In order to name the new team, club owners and managers have partnered with the Hannibal Courier-Post for "Dub the Club" campaign.

For more information on the campaign and to submit your team name idea, see the Facebook post below or click here.

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