New pet virus circulating United States

Tis the season to board your pets while you may be traveling or staying with family this holiday season.

But have you vaccinated your pet yet?

Dr. Reich with Animal Medical Clinic says this is the time of increased business for animal boarding facilities across the coast.

He says there is a new influenza which could be tragic for your furry friend if you don't act ahead of time.

"There is a new type of influenza around. It starts out, it sounds like kennel cough but it is truly in the lungs and truly highly contagious and takes a long time to get over. It is very devastating for young dogs, old dogs with any kind of lung or heart problems,” says Dr. Reich.

Dr. Reich says the new influenza virus hasn't been seen in the area yet.

He says it's appeared in places in the southeast and Chicago areas.

He says the virus is very contagious and can stay in the environment for up to 36 hours.

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