New Illinois Governor has same plan for Illinois Vets Home; for now


The Illinois Veterans Home was a hot-button topic for the two Illinois Governor candidates, Governor Elect JB Pritzker and Governor Bruce Rauner.

Pritzker has criticized Governor Bruce Rauner's handling of the deadly Legionnaires outbreak in 2013.

"The governor does have the power to make changes to the plan and especially to the appropriations," said Illinois Veterans Home Administrator Troy Culbertson.

But will he?

That's the big question facing the Illinois Veterans Home after it now must brace for a change in leadership, and political party, at the top job in the state.

"Our perspective is that we're going to continue doing what we do. With that, that means to continue the plans that are in place," said Culbertson.

That means moving forward on current renovations taking place at the former Sycamore facility and future renovations at the main campus.

Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore says he has left a message with Governor-Elect Pritzker and looks forward to hearing from him.

"I don't foresee any big certainty whenever a new governor comes, they have a right to put their fingerprints on it. What we want to do is work with him to understand how the process has worked so far," said Mayor Moore.

Culbertson with the Vets Home says he believes the current plan will align with the new governor's values.

"We're confident that this project will continue on. It fits in with new gov-elect principles he identified back in June," said Culbertson.
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