New gender cost law passed in Illinois

Did you know on average women pay seven percent more for products than men?

That's according to But this price difference will soon change in Illinois.

A newly signed law will soon make it illegal for businesses to charge women more than men for services such as salon appointments and dry cleaning.

"Women always wanted to get equal pay for men, why not equal pay for dry cleaning, haircuts whatever,” said Quincy Resident Bob May.

Shirley Rhodes of Quincy stated, "Well I don't know why men should be able to pay less than women, that's just not right."

The law will increase transparency in pricing from service providers.

Businesses will soon be required to post the cost of specific services.

Lora Audet is a licensed cosmologist and teacher in Quincy, "I feel like it is going to end up hurting the small businesses, like me that is self-employed having to charge the same for both male and female, we're going to lose clients."
"I think the businesses should be the one to decide what they want to do, and the government should probably stay out of it,” said Charles Lepper of Fowler.

Democrat State Senator Melinda Bush sponsored the bill. Bush also sponsored last year's "pink tax" legislation repealing the state sales tax on feminine hygiene products.

The new gender discrepancy law goes into effect New Year’s Day.

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