New equipment helps better prepare Volunteer Emergency Corps

Corps members were able to train with the new side scanning sonar equipment.

Members of the Quincy-Adams County Volunteer Emergency Corps brushed up on their skills Saturday with new technology at their side.

Members conducted a mock drowning search and recovery as part of training exercises on the Quincy riverfront at Clat Adams Park.

A new side scanning sonar uses GPS capability and computer networking. The device will allow for state of the art search and recovery.

The second piece of equipment is a new heavy-duty boat, that will allow members to respond in all weather conditions.

"The new equipment, the side scanning sonar allows us to check up to 160 feet on each side of the boat as it goes up through the river, so we've dramatically increased our capability to search much larger areas, and hopefully we'll become more successful at making the recoveries quicker," Glenn Sanders, the public information officer for the Quincy-Adams County Volunteer Emergency Corps said.

Volunteer Emergency Corps officials say, in recent years, the group has seen an increase in volunteers.

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