New blue collar work wear store taking off in first weeks

New blue collar work ware store taking off in first weeks

Hamilton resident Robert Shattell wanted to help the blue collar workforce in the Tri-States.

"The skill trades I think have been very underappreciated the last couple of the decades. I'd like to give the guys a little bit more choice in the gear and at the same time help the companies with the bottom line which is what is going to get their attention," said Shattell.

Indi Wind Work Wear is just a couple weeks old and business is booming.

The store offers quality and affordability to blue collar workers and companies looking to buy workwear.

"I'm a lot busier than I thought I would be but at the same time iIm humble. I've just been blown away with how the town has embraced us," Shattell explains.

Robert says this store is one of a kind to the area.

He is working hard to get blue collar workers what they need all in one convenient place.

"The benefit is 'we're working lots of hours, we basically live in it and if you're getting them what they want you are actually improving productivity, you're increasing the moral," adds Shattell.

Robert says his shop is to meet a need in all three of the Tri-states.

"In all honesty those are the guys that drive this economy, they are the ones who do all the hard work that some people don't want to do and it's kind of a way of giving back to them and saying you know, you deserve the appreciation and we appreciate what you do," explains Shattell.

The business is located at 21 South 2nd Street in Keokuk, IA.

You can visit their Facebook page here.

If business stays the way it is, Shattell hopes to bring in even more gear and expand as much as he can.

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