New audit for Shelbina shows improvement


Shelbina, Missouri proves a lot can change in almost a year.

The city had an audit last January and it revealed alarming information about city operations.

Now the city leaders are celebrating a successful follow up review.

"It was kind of a big hit. We knew there were some problems with the court," said Tim Lacy, City Clerk of Shelbina.

He isn't happy about last year's audit by Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway.

The audit shows 83 percent of case records were reported inaccurately along with other errors in the municipal court system.

"They switched court clerks and she was doing two jobs. She was doing a police clerk and a court clerk job.... Partially negligence and partially the court clerk becoming overwhelmed," Lacy explained.

Lacy says her inability to keep things organized led her to be relieved from the position.

"We've got another court clerk in place now and she's doing a great job," said Lacy.

Some internal changes are already paying off.

The city has invested in a new computer program.

That program keeps better track of processes instead of manually entering information.

"Everything's tracked. From the time the police officer can scan the back of a license and gather the information from the offender all the way through the court process," Lacy said.

In Galloway's follow-up report this year, Shelbina has made major improvements.

Last year's audit suggested 16 recommendations.

"I think seven of them now have fully implemented and the other couple are in the process or are partially implemented," Lacy explained.

Now along with the new computer program, the municipal division now transmits court monies to the City Treasurer every day to keep an accurate account.

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