NEMO officials expect Highway 61 at Alexandria to close due to flooding

    Highway 61 Alexandria, MO.

    Northeast Missouri officials are putting plans together, ready to spring into action for rising waters along the Mississippi River.

    Highway 61 at Alexandria could be closed by Monday if the water continues to rise.

    Clark County Emergency Management Director Christopher Blomgren told KHQA Wednesday, the concern starts to set in when predictions reach above 18 feet.

    Right now, the water is around 12 feet.

    Blomgren expects levels to reach around 19.9 feet Monday, which will not only close the highway, but could also halt rail traffic.

    "We have been working with the levy district there around Alexandria,” Blomgren said. “We have put in a request for 10,000 sandbags, 50 rolls of plastic tarping and some sand bagging equipment just to help get them ready because that 19.9 is that threshold and it won’t take much to put us over that"

    Right now, crews do not need help with sand bagging efforts.

    Blomgren says if any help is needed, that information will be relayed at a different time.

    He says if you see water on the roadway, don't drive or walk through it, and make sure you call 911 to report it.

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