NEMO high school asking for old electronics


A Northeastern Missouri High School Environmental Club kicks off its recycling fundraiser--and we're not talking about paper and plastic.

The Environmental Club at South Shelby High School in Shelby County is asking for your old electronics.

They're collecting ink jet cartridges, cell phones, pagers, GPS and radar detectors, iPods/MP3 Players, digital/video cameras, PDAs, iPads/Tablets/eBook Readers, mobile hotspots, video game consoles, handheld video games and calculators.

Collection boxes will be at the Casey's and Johnston Drug Store in Clarence; C and R Supermarket and Casey's in Shelbina.

They will also be collecting at the home basketball games.

Brennah Collins is the president of South Shelby’s Environmental Club.

“We just thought electronics because that's the thing that's changing and there's always new electronics coming out. There's always old ones that people can recycle that they don't know what to do with so we thought collecting them would be a good idea," said Collins.

Vice president Tyler Beauregard wants to remind Tri-State residents that a lot of the items they throw in the trash end up in landfills.

“People don't even realize how they make a difference--the little things they throw out in their house...Just the stuff that they put in the trash that they don't realize could go to recycling. A lot of that is the bulk of what goes into landfills--the household trash that could be separated,” Beauregard said.

Another way of contributing is to buy recycled ink cartridges at

A portion of the proceeds will go to South Shelby High School.

All of the money the group receives from recycling will go towards buying recycling tubs for each classroom along with other rooms throughout the school.

If enough money is raised, the middle school will also receive recycling tubs.

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