NEMO community split over Prop 1

A South Shelby High School student speaks out against Proposition 1 at Wednesday night's school board meeting.

Voters in the South Shelby School District will vote on a measure next month that could change its boundaries.

The measure is called Proposition 1.

Proposition 1 would redefine Shelby County's western border.

If approved, Clarence Elementary School would become a part of the Macon School District, instead of South Shelby.

The vote follows a passed ballot measure last April that consolidated Shelbina and Clarence Elementary Schools.

Colby Harre is preparing for his senior year at South Shelby High School.

He says redefining school district boundaries will hinder students--especially those in extracurricular activities.

"Three years of work and it's just all tossed down the drain and it's just the decisions of a few people," Harre said.

Shelbina resident Gary Wallace used to serve on the district's Board of Education.

"It's just not right or fair. In any respect in my view. We don't have any educational deficiencies in our school district and never have had in the 50 plus years its existed," Wallace said.

While many are opposed to the measure, many Macon and Shelby county residents are also in favor.

A website called Excellence Through Opportunity highlights the pros of Prop 1 such as academic opportunities and better class sizes.

Supporters say with declining enrollment at South Shelby, Clarence elementary school students would stand a better chance in Macon County.

In preparation for next month's ballot, Harre tries to look at the bright side.

"Sometimes I get stressed out about it but I try not to let it get me down," Harre stated.

KHQA reached out to supporters of Proposition 1 today, but they were unavailable for comment.

Here's what's next - the decision now rests in the hands of Shelby and Macon county voters August 7.

A town hall will take place July 24 at 6:00 p.m. at South Shelby Middle School to further discuss Prop 1.

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