NECAC hosts "real life" simulation event for Paris high schoolers


    At Paris High School on Wednesday morning, NECAC hosted its 'Reality Enrichment and Life Lessons (REALL)' program.

    During the event, kids were put into "families" and given different situations to live by.

    In REALL, kids start out portraying people who did not finish high school and are struggling to find a job and get by, even with public assistance.

    They then are given a new identity that includes a high school or college education, and a job as a doctor, lawyer, teacher or professional.

    The idea is to give students a chance to view how important education is to success in life.

    For one student, this simulation really hit home and gives her motivation for the future.

    It makes me want to stay in school so I can have a better job, so I can pay my bills on time and make sure I have enough money each month," states Anna White, Senior.

    Students learned important life lessons of what adult life can be like, especially if you don't finish school.

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