NECAC helps rehab homes with grant money

Homeowner, Bruce Charles, helps remodel the front of his home with the help of NECAC. Photo by: Chad Douglas/KHQA

It's a case of neighbor helping neighbor right now in Hannibal.

Some remodeling work is going on for Bruce Charles at his home, and it's thanks to NECAC.

That organization received some grant money from Wells Fargo and the USDA Rural Development that help homeowners get some work done around their house.

For Charles, a little work was done inside, but the big work is going on outside.

Crews have been closing in the front porch, which will not only help keep heating and cooling costs down, it will also help Charles out in a big way.

"I suffer from seasonal depression, and when the light changes, and it gets dark early, it's really not good for me. With the windows in the porch and being insulated, I can sit out here in the winter and I feel like I'm outside. I don't get so depressed," says Charles.

This program is a self-help program, meaning the homeowner does some of the work too.

Charles says he's learning a lot about construction through this process.

By the end of the month, four homes in Northeast Missouri will have been renovated thanks to this program.

For more information, you can contact NECAC at 1-800-748-7636.

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