NE Missouri town to sell internet and cable services

Fast internet speed and more cable channels are on their way to Kahoka Missouri.

The city passed a proposal to sell the city's cable and internet services at Monday night's council meeting.

Kahoka Mayor Jerry Webber says the community didn't have resources, such as a technician, to keep up on cable and internet needs.

Mayor Webber said the city decided this service was something it didn't want to specialize in due to competition of other services and financial reasons.

Webber has been looking for the past year for a provider to buy the local services.

MidAtlantic Broadband currently provides services in Canton Missouri.

It's agreed to buy the cable and internet services in Kahoka.

"We have had some channels that have changed some satellites we are going to reposition our dishes to receive those signals. They are going to help us get through those issues because we don't have anyone here to help us right now,” said Mayor Webber.

The other issue surrounds internet speed.

With the growing need for streaming and gaming, the city's current internet speed isn't strong enough.

"This company can do that and they can meet the demand of our customers here. We have businesses here that want higher speed and one of the advantages of this company they can go up one gigabyte. 10 megabytes is kind of normal for them and one gigabyte is available,” said Mayor Webber.

The rates have not yet been set for the area.

The Mayor expects those rates to rise due to the city not increasing its rates over time.

Crews will install new fiber optic lines throughout the city.

The project is expected to be finished by October.

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