National Adoption Awareness Month: Two Tri-State families share their story

National Adoption Awareness Month: Two Tri-State families share their story

Every year, November is celebrated as National Adoption Awareness Month.

Over the years, adoption has become more openly and positively talked about in the country.

KHQA sits down with two Tri-State families to share their adoption stories.

"My husband and I are in the process of adopting actually two children from Haiti," says Shannon Zanger.

Shannon and Jeff Zanger have been together for 15 years.

They are the proud parents of four children.

"Logan, Addison, Morgan and our son Easton..he died when he was two and a half years old," explains Shannon.

What started as a medical mission trip to Haiti to honor her son....led to something completely different.

"I did not go with the intent of adopting. I fell in love with the people and the country," Shannon says.

After a year and a half, the Zanger's have been approved to adopt.

They are hoping to take in two children from Haiti, around four to six years old.

"We are waiting for someone to call and say we have these two children for you," shares Shannon.

A call that future mom Tiffaney Rains, is also waiting for.

"I am waiting for a phone call," says Tiffaney, "for the agency to say hey we've got you matched, we've got your placement."

But for Tiffaney, her journey to adoption happened a little differently.

"I started to get older, I had a career, I wasn't married yet, didn't have kids of my own, and I felt this was something I could do," Tiffaney explained.

Tiffaney's process to adopt a local newborn started eight months ago.

"I just see the need in our area and I want to give back to where I live. This child is so loved already it's ridiculous, so I can't wait," adds Tiffaney.
"There are already children out there that can use the support and love we provide and that's what's most important to me, and it wont matter if they are biological or not," Shannon says.

Thought these adoption approval processes seemed to move fast, some can be very lengthy.

Both of these families could get a call tomorrow. or in 2-5 years.

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