MyForce hits QU

97 percent of incoming QU freshman have smart phones already, and they're just one download away from activating the MyForce app.

If you've ever been on a college campus before, you may have noticed blue security boxes. They're set up throughout the Quincy University campus for emergencies ... all students have to do is press a button and a siren will go off, alerting security. Now that same concept is being used, but with a button you press is on your phone.

The university has adopted the MyForce campus security system.

"The neat thing about this application is, by using the technology already in the telephone, you triangulate the position through the GPS in the phone and not only do we know what's going on by listening in, we can also tell responders exactly where the person is at," Director of Safety and Security at Quincy University, Sam Lathrop said. "So it is a true advantage for someone who wants to have that extra little bit of security."

Last year, a group of student council members came to Lathrop, asking for more blue boxes. He thought the university could do better.

"What it does is just add one more layer of security that you're going to have with you all the time," Lathrop said. "You don't have to carry any extra special fob or any other device - it's just attached to your cell phone and that makes it very useable."

Quincy University's IT Department says that 97 percent of incoming freshman have smart phones already, and they're just one download away from activating the MyForce app.

To get the app, you first need to register at That's where you'll plug in all your information. Next, go to your app store, and download.

You can use the app as often as you'd like, even if you're just nervous while walking across campus. Once that button is hit, it automatically sends a signal to a monitoring team and it will listen through your cell phone.If the team determines there is an emergency, it sends help.

"If there is an alert that takes place inside our fence, not only are they alerting Quincy Police Department, EMS or Fire, whoever might need assistance, but they're also able to respond to those things quickly on campus," Lathrop said.

If you're off the QU campus don't worry. MyForce works in all fifty states.

The system is up and running. QU students and faculty can download it now and start using it. It will cost them $119.99 this year. Next year, the university plans to add the cost of the app into tuition.

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