More jobs could soon be coming to the Flower City

Recently, Palmyra City Council approved a contract to purchase land that will soon expand the cities industrial zone.

The $812,000 purchase will consist of an 81.2-acre tract of land.

Palmyra Mayor Loren Graham says that companies inquire about bringing their business to the area but, they haven't had a place for them to build.

“The big thing I think is creating the jobs and those people will hopefully move to Palmyra for the jobs. which will build houses which will pay property taxes, which will shop hopefully in Palmyra. It could just snowball,” says Graham.

He says the area is a prime spot for industries to build because of current businesses already stationed there, just south of town.

Here’s what’s next - After the city of Palmyra purchases the property, Graham says they will then annex the property into city limits. He says construction could start in early 2018.

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